Membership Application (PDF)

​Please Note: Prospective LSSSA members must bring their applications to a meeting to introduce themselves, learn more about the club, and be voted in. This is a friendly tradition of the club. See you there!

Laguna Seca Shooting Sports Association (LSSSA) provides members with a variety of ways to participate and benefit from club activities and resources.

LSSSA Membership (as read in the Bylaws)

Any citizen of the United States or legally registered resident alien, residing in California, who has reached his or her 18th birthday may become a Full Member of this organization on the vote of the Executive Committee, after subscribing to the following pledge and upon payment of the usual initiation fee and dues. A proposed member must be an active member of the National Rifle Association of America, in good standing. If not a member of the National Rifle Association of America said proposed member must become a member of the National Rifle Association of America upon joining this organization. Residents of other California counties meeting all the aforementioned conditions may apply for Associate Membership. Relatives of Full members under 18 years of age may apply for Associate Membership.

The NRA Pledge

I CERTIFY that I am a citizen (resident alien) of good repute of the United States of America; that I am not a member of any organization or group having as its purpose or one of its purposes the overthrow by force and violence of the Government of the United States or any of its political subdivisions; that I have never been convicted of a crime of violence; and that, if admitted to membership, I will fulfill the obligations of good sportsmanship and good citizenship.

Membership Dues

  1. Annual Membership Dues are payable in full on January first of each year.
  2. Any change in the amount or date that dues are payable will be approved by a simple majority of the membership present at any Monthly or Special Meeting where a quorum exists. Any meeting where a vote will be taken on the aforementioned will be announced in either the Monthly Newsletter or a Special Mailing.
  3. Annual Membership Dues unpaid on February first will be considered in arrears.
  4. Club members whose dues remain unpaid on the first of March shall not enjoy any club privileges or benefits, including the right to vote.
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